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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Samsung has just unveiled the Galaxy SIII - 4.8" 720p SuperAMOLED display, quad-core processor, 8.6mm thick body. Despite the larger display, the SIII isn't much larger than the SII, which is pretty impressive. Samsung also shoved a whole bunch of new features into TouchWiz, including a few quite kitschy sound effects. Ice Cream Sandwich, but TouchWizzed. I personally really dislike the move to curved and rounded designs (still waiting for a perfectly straight, sharp-angled slab), and there's no way in heck I'm buying this thing. Available May 29, all throughout Europe. Asia, Africa, and the US will follow later during the summer. Will sell like hotcakes. Update: Really - why are they doing this to ICS? This reminds me of that Southpark episode with Spielberg and Lucas raping Indiana Jones. We're all seeing it, but nobody's doing something about it.
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by kaiwai on Fri 4th May 2012 14:07 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by kaiwai"
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In India iPhone 4S cost around $900, S2 around $600, Note around $650. Both S2 and Note are selling very well. iPhone 4S is not worth it for that price.

Indians pay full price plus additional tax hence those chepo mobiles sell well here. Not everyone can pay $900 each year for iPhones when you can get similar functionality for less.

In New Zealand the HTC One X sells for $999, the iPhone 4S 32GB sells for $1199. The Galaxy SII sells for $899, when compared to the iPhone 4S 16GB which sells for $1029. Btw, they're full price GST inclusive which either says one of two things - HTC/Samsung are assholes and want to rape 'n pillage the pocket of every New Zealand to the nth degree or they're happy to make a smaller margin when selling in India.

Btw, who said anything about buying a new phone every year - hyperbole anyone? 'can get similar functionality for less' until you expect your handset vendor to provide prompt security and general bug fixes in updates and upgrades then in the case of Samsung and HTC you're shit out of luck. Whilst you spend $600 on your Samsung SII and find that you receive zero updates once you've left the shop here I am with my iPhone 4 pretty damn confident, mind you, that in 3 years I'll be receiving updates and new versions of iOS - so whilst you wasted $600 each year on a phone ($1800 over three years) simply to receive reasonable updates I'm sitting here with the same phone I bought 3 years ago without a care in the world.

Edit: And I'm assuming you have an ounce of common sense to realise that I am talking in NZ$'s since, according to my profile (which I'm sure you read before firing off your post) that I'm from New Zealand.

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