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Windows While it's technically a regression, and while it will surely make those of us who remember having to install DVD support on Linux from third-party repositories smile, it's still a major change and a sign of things to come: Windows 8 will ship without support for DVD and Blu-ray playback.
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While I might agree with you if it were ONLY the codecs they were cutting by also cutting WMC this just makes it more obvious to me that the target of this OS is cell phones and NOT desktops as WMC with Internet TV was a nice feature that gives folks one more reason to do as myself, my friends and family, as well as my customers are doing right now, which is buying a nice unit so they can AVOID Windows 8.

One thing I haven't noticed anyone commenting on though was frankly how dooky the Windows codecs really were. i mean you think the guys that developed DirectX would care a little more about GPU acceleration but frankly the default codecs are some of the absolute worst I've seen when it comes to hardware acceleration, just dumping everything on the CPU. That is why one of the first things I do with a Win 7 PC or laptop is go to and install the Klite codec pack along with VLC for those funky files folks find that don't play anywhere else. I've found that using DXVA on my netbook seriously cuts down the battery usage when watching movies while on the go.

Personally though I have a feeling I'm gonna be spending the next year and a half wiping win 8 for Win 7 like i spent a year and a half wiping Vista for XP. I've had a spare dual core in the shop running CP for the customers to play with and frankly all the feedback has been pretty negative, its just not a good OS for use with keyboard and mouse. While i agree with you this may be a way to bulk up their appstore frankly the LAST move they should be doing when they are getting badly curb stomped by Android and iOS is to gut out features that would help sell Win 8 like WMC. DVD codecs? That I can see, taking away internet TV which would have been a good reason to pick a WinTab over an Android one? NOT smart.

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Win8 is one giant WMC ready OS. No one used WMC in older editions really and Internet TV sucked ass.

No DVD play back? no big deal... I stream all my media from my media server and the internet and use specialty devices like Roku for that.

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I take it you haven't watched Internet TV lately? ALL the major shows and TONS of classics, all free for the user. in fact one of the easiest way to sell a customer on getting a Win 7 HP unit over a Starter one is simply firing up Internet TV and showing them all the free content. hell I'm watch Star trek TAS right now on Internet TV, forgot how fun that show was.

Sadly I think its just further proof that Ballmer wants to be the head of Apple so bad it hurts and thinks he can "monetize" all the Windows users with an appstore that charges for every single show WHILE giving them some commercials to boot. like I said i have a feeling come Nov I'll be wiping Win 8 machines and piling up Win 8 OEM discs just as I did with Vista as it really isn't gonna fly. Hell you have a Win 7 laptop with HDMI and Wifi you have an instant HTPC when not on the go, when I go visit my dad i'll bring along my win 7 netbook for just that reason, as we visit we can watch some A-team or NCIS together, its really nice.

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