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Windows While it's technically a regression, and while it will surely make those of us who remember having to install DVD support on Linux from third-party repositories smile, it's still a major change and a sign of things to come: Windows 8 will ship without support for DVD and Blu-ray playback.
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I still have an optical drive
by ShadesFox on Sat 5th May 2012 12:19 UTC
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Usually I don't buy whole new computers, but just upgrade what I have in place. So I still have an optical drive. I'm not sure if it works though. I don't think I've even used it since I put in the new motherboard two years ago. I think it works...

I am curious about how many people have one and how often they use it.

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I have a chess game that required the dvd drive. The dvd is permanently stored there I think.

At work I ordered almost 50 PCs. Only 5, for the "power users", have an optical drive.

I guess it's always handy to have one around just in case you need to read or write one. That's why I also have a 3.5" floppy USB drive, which I only use for retro related activities.

My Mac also lacks a serial and parallel interface, I don't miss those either.

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<p>I use mine pretty often as I'm the only "tech literate" person in my apt building and the neighbors have figured out I'm easy to bribe with smokes and food (mmmm..fresh home cooked burgers or homemade pizza..mmm) so they bring me their CDs to rip to their players. I have also been selling a lot of the small under dash MP3 car stereos which they then of course have me rip their tunes to SD cards so they can use. Then there is my own personal use, scratch CDs for my band, DVD backups of my downloads folder, or burning copies of DVDs for my mom so she'll not obliterate the original (Keep that damned weiner dog away from the discs ma!) and finally I'll often have to update an MMO for one of the nephews and i'll slap the updates on DVD because their Internet connection has slow DLoad speeds.</p>

So I'd say I use my DVD burners more than most (got a pair on my main machine, one on my nettop, the only machine sans DVD is my netbook) so I'd say there is still a use. Damned shame HP quit making Lightscribe though as when they run out I'm gonna miss 'em, so much nicer than drawing with a marker IMHO.

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