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Windows A long list of new Windows Phone applications Nokia is developing in conjunction with partners (and a few non-Nokia ones). A number of them are going to be Nokia Lumia exclusives - I'm not sure the rest of the Windows Phone OEMs are going to like that. It'll be interesting to see how far Nokia and Microsoft can take this before everything snaps.
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The "rest of the Windows Phone OEMs "
by MollyC on Tue 8th May 2012 20:20 UTC
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have put up only token effort to push their WP products, so who cares what they have to say about it? Samsung and HTC are Android shops. That's where their 99% of their focus is (and good results for Samsung (not so much for HTC anymore)).

Nokia got these developers on the WP train, likely with Nokia funding, so Nokia gets the benefit of limited exclusivity. Samsung and HTC could've done similar long ago, since they released 1st gen WP devices long before Nokia ever released anything, but then they decided to sit on their hands, put their WP program into maintenance mode (if even that), and ran back to Android's ever-loving arms.

Even now, whenever Samsung announces new WP handsets they are in old hand-me-down Android chasis.

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One possible answer here is that these other oems looked at the business side of android vs wp and decided that they would be better long term staying with android: maybe due to license fees, app store cut, MS's restrictions on their freedom. So they made the minimal effort required to take MS's carrot (bribe money) and then left it at that.

MS *DOES* have a pretty solid history of making "we win, everybody else loses" deals and that may have come into play here.

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