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OSNews, Generic OSes "An operating system designed to power the smart cities of the future will be put through its paces in London. Living Plan IT has developed its Urban OS to provide a platform to connect services and citizens. With partners including Hitachi, Phillips and Greenwich council, it aims to use the Greenwich peninsula as a testbed for new technologies running on the system. The OS aims to connect key services such as water, transport, and energy." UrbanOS goes way over my head - it'd be great if someone could summarise how it works and what its key aspects are.
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I've seen that before...
by zima on Wed 9th May 2012 03:25 UTC
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Judging from one of the image files on the UrbanOS summary page ( ), it appears that the key aspect, the core idea, is... to build a real world SimCity (the isometric graphic ones)

I'm not sure I like it - though of course, ultimately, that will depend on who "plays" it, and what disasters the "game" throws at them (what would fit London? Flood? The Blitz? Daleks? Royal wedding? Luckily we're not talking about Tokyo & Godzilla-like monsters). Or, at least, in depends if I'm anywhere close to London.

I wonder if it will have portable terminals in the style of SimCity DS - say, for the mayor and other top staff.

And last but not least: achievements!

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RE: I've seen that before...
by Wafflez on Wed 9th May 2012 14:48 in reply to "I've seen that before..."
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Ha ha, you ride to work with your bike instead of driving, SMS gets delivered:

Achievement Unlocked: Saving the Planet

Would be epic.

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Earl Colby pottinger Member since:

The important thing to remember is to never be in London during Christmas!

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