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GNU, GPL, Open Source John Sullivan, executive director of the Free Software Foundation: "Were it grounded in reality, Oracle's claim that copyright law gives them proprietary control over any software that uses a particular functional API would be terrible for free software and programmers everywhere. It is an unethical and greedy interpretation created with the express purpose of subjugating as many computer users as possible, and is particularly bad in this context because it comes at a time when the sun has barely set on the free software community's celebration of Java as a language newly suitable for use in the free world. Fortunately, the claim is not yet reality, and we hope Judge Alsup will keep it that way." Couldn't agree more.
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RE[5]: Crazy FSF
by kwan_e on Thu 10th May 2012 06:20 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Crazy FSF"
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Chanting "Developers Developers Developers", now there's something akin to batshit crazy.

There's a very well defined cut-off point for "batshit crazy".

If someone believes either one or more of:

1) 9/11 truthers
2) Moon landing "hoax"
3) 2012

Who knows, maybe Stallman does believe one of those. But I don't think that's out there at the moment.

Anything less than any of those three is not "batshit crazy", and they're mildly batshit crazy. True batshit crazy are the Phelps from the Westboro church. In between are the Jerry Falwells and Pat Robertsons and Glenn Becks and Ann Coulters of this world.

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