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Multimedia, AV "Will the two screens be shown back to back? Will each screen last for 10 seconds each? Will each screen be unskippable? Yes, yes, and yes. An ICE spokesman tells me that the two screens will 'come up after the previews, once you hit the main movie/play button on the DVD. At which point the movie rating comes up, followed by the IPR Center screen shot for 10 secs and then the FBI/HSI anti-piracy warning for 10 secs as well. Neither can be skipped/fast forwarded through.'" That'll surely teach the pirates who don't buy DVDs or Blu-rays.
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RE[2]: Comment by shmerl
by Neolander on Thu 10th May 2012 09:23 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by shmerl"
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Well, know of a digital movie distribution service that sucks less than the DVD ?

Elements in favor of the latter being : almost every movie exists on the medium, no need to use a credit card or crappy vendor-specific software in order to buy stuff, ease of making backups, no need for an always-on network connection.

I know of nothing legal that beats DVD on all of these fronts myself. Still hope that someone will come up with it one day.

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RE[3]: Comment by shmerl
by shmerl on Thu 10th May 2012 14:55 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by shmerl"
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Exactly. All those who claim that DVDs are going away because on-line services offer media in a more convenient way will have to wait until DRM dies out for their argument to be valid. Who knows how long it will take?

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