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Hardware, Embedded Systems Speaking of HP, the company replied to a question if they copied Apple for their latest ultrabook, the Envy Spectre XT. "There are similarities in a way, not due to Apple but due to the way technologies developed. Apple may like to think that they own silver, but they don't. In no way did HP try to mimic Apple. In life there are a lot of similarities." It's an ultrabook, a category of laptops defined by Intel. Coincidentally, Intel also developed the internals of the MacBook Air. These products are looking relatively similar because their internals have been designed by the same damn company. Get over it.
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Not that similar
by Cymro on Thu 10th May 2012 10:31 UTC
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Is it just me or does this not much resemble MacBook Air anyway?

It's almost as if they tried extra hard to make a light, metal laptop that doesn't look like an Apple and got shoed for it anyway.

There are some attractive details in the HP design actually, although I personally I don't like the way the lid closes - it looks like halves from two different laptops have been stuck together.

It's good the PC makers are focusing on size and weight - there are some pointlessly behemoth PC laptops out there - but this argument is stupid. Making laptops slimmer and lighter wasn't a leap of the imagination that started with the Air. Why don't we all drag "luggables" round with us in 2012?

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