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Multimedia, AV "Will the two screens be shown back to back? Will each screen last for 10 seconds each? Will each screen be unskippable? Yes, yes, and yes. An ICE spokesman tells me that the two screens will 'come up after the previews, once you hit the main movie/play button on the DVD. At which point the movie rating comes up, followed by the IPR Center screen shot for 10 secs and then the FBI/HSI anti-piracy warning for 10 secs as well. Neither can be skipped/fast forwarded through.'" That'll surely teach the pirates who don't buy DVDs or Blu-rays.
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RE[3]: Comment by shmerl
by darknexus on Thu 10th May 2012 12:59 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by shmerl"
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But for that you needs to enable, which is not legal under many coutries laws as it break copy protection and remember that VLC DVD player support is considered illegal also because it doesn't respect the DVD standard, in particular the unskippable feature, the best one according to the industry...

Yeah, as if the end users care. If they're willing to download so-called "illegal" copies of movies, do you believe they even think twice about enabling libdvdcss? Hell, VLC already has it enabled in their Windows and Mac binary packages which, let's face it, are the platforms that get the most use. The end users need do nothing other than install VLC, and such an action is far less traceable than downloading from torrent trackers or p2p networks.
I am against copyright infringement in principal, as I do believe that people have the right to be fairly compensated for their efforts. However, these media companies are getting out of hand to say the least and, with copyright almost indefinite in some countries (my own, the US, most of all) and with the ever worstening criminalization of those who actually do pay for this shit, I have absolutely nothing against teaching these bastards a lesson. The worst part of it is that these industry morons can't, or won't, read the writing on the wall. They could tripple their proffits easily by offering a universal, legal, solution that would be even more convenient. It doesn't even have to be DRM-free so long as the DRM is not invasive (I'm thinking iTunes-style DRM, but not limited only to Apple products). Do that, get rid of this idiotic regionalization crap (there are movies I would purchase but can't legally play even if I do), and they'd see downloading drop exponentially within the first months. Pirating media (I hate that word but that's what everyone calls it) is a huge pain in the ass. Most people would gladly pay for a legal solution that would actually work and not get in the way. Personally, I think we just need to remove all the senior execs from these companies and let the new blood take over. These fools don't understand technology. If I were the majority shareholders of these corporate giants, I'd think long and hard about giving control to people who do. </rant>

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