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Legal Since The Pirate Bay blockade (which is easily circumvented) has just been extended to all other ISPs in The Netherlands (logically, court orders fall outside net neutrality), here's a link to a landing page which automatically redirects Dutch visitors to a valid The Pirate Bay proxy, circumventing the blockade. The more resourceful among us can always alter their hosts file, add a redirect in their router software, change DNS servers (any pros and cons from people who actually do this?), and about a gazillion other things. The Dutch copyright lobby's next step? Blocking websites that detail how to circumvent the blockade. Hey Kuik, we're right here!
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RE: Back to this again huh?
by reez on Thu 10th May 2012 14:38 UTC in reply to "Back to this again huh?"
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By the way, net neutrality has nothing to do with this subject. Guess if you were more concerned about OS news and less about how to steal stuff, you'd know that.

Net neutrality means, that no matter what kind of data is delivered to what kind of receiver it is transmitted in the same way.

This is about both the integrity of the data and the equality when it comes to the transmission.

So if one country blocks access to a website there is no equality to any of these. For Dutch people there is an inequality when it comes to transmission of certain content. In fact there is no transmission at all (which is the exact opposite of how it should be) and since there is no data there can be no integrity.

So how isn't this related to net neutrality?

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