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Internet Explorer "Microsoft is currently testing a modified version of Internet Explorer 9 on its Xbox 360 console, according to our sources. The Xbox 360 currently includes Bing voice search, but it's limited to media results. Microsoft's new Internet Explorer browser for Xbox will expand on this functionality to open up a full browser for the console. We are told that the browser will let Xbox users surf all parts of the web straight from their living rooms." So, when did browsing on your TV turn into something that isn't useless?
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by daedalus on Fri 11th May 2012 07:35 UTC
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I've always thought the browser on the Wii was quite reasonable, given the machine it is... It has wifi, a port of Opera, and Flash support for Youtube etc. The resolution is low, but usable with component cables and a decent TV. The controller's also great for clicking links and scrolling, and it can take a USB keyboard if you don't like the on-screen one.

Other than that, I had a Linux-based cable TV decoder about 6 or 7 years ago which had a browser built in. It was awful...

It's kinda incredible that the Xbox360 has gone this long without a browser to be honest. I would've thought Microsoft would have been trying to push their IE brand as much as possible given the market share that Chrome and Firefox have gained over the past few years.

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