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Intel Intel CEO Paul Otellini on Windows 8 x86 and Windows 8 ARM: "We have the advantage of the incumbency, advantage of the legacy support. Not just in terms of applications but devices." Yes, because the lack of their favourite Windows applications was really a massive hurdle for Apple and its ill-fated iPad effort from a few years ago. Anyone remember that thing?
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RE[2]: Re: the iPad dig
by Verunks on Fri 11th May 2012 08:43 UTC in reply to "RE: Re: the iPad dig"
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yeah using windows programs with touch might not be the best experience but this is not the same as old tablets where the os was just the standard windows xp with touch input added on top, it's an os optimized for touch input where you can even run legacy applications, if you need them.
For example let's say that vmware doesn't make a metro vsphere client, you can just use the windows one

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