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Windows The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft deepens. Updates to Nokia Lumia devices change the Marketplace tile to a specific Nokia tile - unheard of for Windows Phone, which is governed by strict rules. This is part of the Tango update. Is this an innocent change, or the prelude to fragmentation, or worse - a fork? While that's probably a little dramatic, this probably does worry the other Windows Phone OEMs.
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> The problem for Nokia is: is it going to pay?
> No one knows yet.

I think we have the answer already. Nokia is down to 8% (!!!) world-wide market-share and it's going down future. Nokia makes billion loses every quarter. The first Lumia models did sell very bad. The lunch in US will not change that and even if it's a success in US its nowhere else and US is only a very small market.

I am going to predict that Elop will not survive this year in Nokia. He will be gone before 2012 ends.

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