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Intel Intel CEO Paul Otellini on Windows 8 x86 and Windows 8 ARM: "We have the advantage of the incumbency, advantage of the legacy support. Not just in terms of applications but devices." Yes, because the lack of their favourite Windows applications was really a massive hurdle for Apple and its ill-fated iPad effort from a few years ago. Anyone remember that thing?
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Perhaps ..
by acobar on Fri 11th May 2012 13:58 UTC
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Let me see, would a MS Windows user would like to have a highly portable device with ...
- fast synchronization with MS Outlook and Office docs;
- a basic editor and full previewer for MS Office docs;
- sync for My documents;
- access to some MS enterprise tools;
- access to some MS enterprise services;
- a non-nonsense media management;
yes, I would love and this is from someone that is mostly a linux user, even though I work with MS technology all day.

Most people really don't have all that use for the power desktops and regular portables we have these days. Give them something they can plug a keyboard, mouse and monitor when they arrive at office (preferably through just one plug or dock) and unlock access to services and tools, even through RDP, and that they can use when in the field to consult messages and other informations. One thing with good enough space when traveling back and forth to home to read and play multimedia files and they will have all their needs fulfilled.

Microsoft can deliver, they just need to get their acts straight to do that. They have all the tools they need and just should stop to diverge their efforts on nonsense things. If and when they do that, they will sell their stuff very quickly and by millions.

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