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Windows "The new changes include several new lock-screen images, the Windows Store tile is now green, and the small magnifying glass in the bottom right corner when you scroll has changed to a simple square. While nothing major, they are representative of the across-the-board tweaks we expect to see when the Release Preview hits the digital shelves in June." So, nothing to address the core issues with Windows 8's mouse/keyboard-hostile environment. Sad.
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What a Complete Mess!
by Ninjawidget on Sat 12th May 2012 16:13 UTC
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Oh dear lord, what the hell is that thing? It looks a complete and utter mess! Why anyone would want to use that os is beyond me. I've used tablets before and I didn't really see the point in them at all, they're really just fads at the moment that the sheeple are buying in to. More fool them I say. Give me a keyboard and mouse and my productivity goes up tenfold. If I wanted to read a book then I'll go buy something made from paper, that way I don't much care if it gets wet, but a tablet getting wet would pee me off.

So, Microsoft wants to attack the tablet market, fair enough, but don't force people to use a tablet interface on the desktop, just have your Windows Tablet edition, Desktop edition etc. This will alienate so many people who will either not upgrade their Windows machines and you end up with the Windows XP debacle all over again, or they'll go looking for an alternative such as the far more superior Linux.

Actually hell, go on Microsoft, go mess things up as you usually do, the Linux community will be more than happy to pick up the pieces with the disgruntled ex Windows users.

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