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Benchmarks This is an interesting comparison of OpenOffice 2.0 Calc and MS Office 2003 Excel. The author found that OOo is slow in some operations and takes a lot of RAM & CPU.
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All this crap is irrelevant
by RawMustard on Thu 27th Oct 2005 11:48 UTC
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In an office of 12 users working in nothing but OO2 all day, not one of them has complained about speed or features. They do however think it amazing that such a great product comes with no strings attached. All this speed, ram, cpu crap comes from loonies with nothing better to do than argue shit. The same shit can be heard at the local street drags with more loonies arguing Fords are faster than Holdens, Chevies for you American folks!

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I agree with you, these kinds of tests are rather irrelevant. No sane user do things like this, if you
have this much data a relational database would be a much better choice.

However, OOo also target windows users and they are not used to having access to such tools. Until resently they couldn't just download postgresql and do some quick stored procedures.

To them, such functionality came at the price of a MS-SQL server license. Because of this, it's no wonder that they have strange user behavior, and naturally they try to transfer such behavior to OOo if they decide to switch office suit.

Learning to do it the right way will be much more costly to them than just continue using Microsoft products. So if OOo wants to compete it got to be faster even at this kind of extreme usage.

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Damn right! We only want facts if they favor open source.

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