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Apple The next frontier for Apple - and other technology companies - to conquer: the television market. Terry Gou, chairman of Foxconn, has confirmed his company will be building a television for Apple in conjunction with Sharp. Since I bought a brand-new top-of-the-line TV late last year, I've been thinking a lot about what could be improved about the state of TV today, and as crazy as it seems, I'm actually not that dissatisfied.
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RE: I really don't know
by henderson101 on Sun 13th May 2012 02:13 UTC in reply to "I really don't know"
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I was originally writing a post about how this was doomed to failure in the US, and apple must be launching in Europe only, but I took a look at wikipedia's cable card article ( In the us you'd need a pcmia card to use a non cable provider's box). It says that all of he cable boxes out there are already using cable cards, therefore the technology is mature and supported by the cable companies.

Well, cable cards don't exist in the UK. Virgin Media (as in, yes, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Atlantic, etc) runs the countries entire consumer cable TV network. UK was late at adopting cable, it rolled out over most of the country in the late 80's and early 90's. Originally, it was regional with providers like Videotron, Nynex, NTL, etc. but the companies began to merge (lack of funds after all the investment? Not sure), and we ended up with Cable and Wireless and Blueyonder then NTL owned everything then Virgin took over.

We entirely digital cable now. It uses a variant of the European DVB standard. The basic cable box has a full system built in that allows you to stream content (catch up TV, movies, general TV series and music videos.) there's a version with a built in DVR and they launched a TIVO version box last year. Virgin only have set top boxes. There are no cable cards.

Sky are the next competitor. Digital satellite. No option for a "cable card" style adapter.

We have mainly digital terrestrial TV (transmitter over the air) with the last few analog regions going over the next year. This is DVB. All new TVs have a digital tuner built in now.

So, basically, Apple either need to pull all of this together - allow for cable, satellite and digital terrestrial to be accepted, or they will basically lose out big time. How they'll get the TV to work with the Virgin services, I don't know. Without them, it seriously limits the usefulness. If we end up with an Apple TV integrated flat Apple TV which we then need to plumb in all of the set top boxes - seriously, what is the point? You can buy reasonable TV's that do most of that already. Buy an Apple TV box, and you're done. Don't buy an Apple TV box... Err... Everything sill works.

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