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Windows I may not be particularly enamoured with how badly Windows 8 handles mouse, keyboard, and window management right now, but as far as under-the-hood improvements go, Microsoft is packing. They're redone much of the chkdsk utility, but they forgot to fix one important thing: rename the darn thing to checkdisk already!
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Windows 7 + Keyboard
by panzi on Sun 13th May 2012 22:39 UTC
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Apropos Windows and Keyboard: I booted Windows 7 today to play a bit/let steam downloads run. Windows suddenly didn't recognize my keyboard anymore! I had to change the USB port it so it could install it on the ohter one (OMG). And no, my USB port can't be defect: I used the keyboard during booting to select "Windows 7" in GRUB. Yeah, Windows.

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RE: Windows 7 + Keyboard
by Drumhellar on Mon 14th May 2012 07:06 in reply to "Windows 7 + Keyboard"
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They wouldn't by chance be USB 3.0 ports, would they? If so, it's more a problem with the driver.

I had to stop plugging my mouse into my 3.0 ports because mouse performance becomes horrible when doing large copies to an external disk. Plus, gamepads won't work on those ports for me.

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