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Google This is absolutely fascinating. Steven Troughton-Smith has gotten his hands on one of the two early Android prototypes - the Google 'Sooner'. The Sooner is the BlackBerry-esque Google phone, which was supposed to be released first, followed by the much more advanced Google Dream (yup, what would eventually become the G1). Lots of high-res screenhots to get a good look at early Android. Update: Fascinating comment.
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RE[5]: A little misleading
by zima on Sun 13th May 2012 23:58 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: A little misleading"
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Symbian smartphones used to last a week of light use on a single charge and deal well with 266 MHz CPUs and 256MB of RAM

That's technically correct, by you actually overdo the 2nd number ;)

~256 MB is only becoming fairly standard in presently shipping Symbian handsets - they used to deal well with amounts close to an order of magnitude smaller.

I had Nokia E50 for a time, nice little entry-level Symbian (though "big" ones weren't that different). Its CPU speed was quite close to what you say (note though that it was, IIRC, ARM9). But it had ~30 MB of RAM, ~20 of which was free & useful to the user.
And it worked fine.

For an example from Apple, look at the statements that Siri cannot be ported to pre-4S hardware

More than that, they pulled it from being available for older iPhones when 4S premiered.
it says something about [...] Cupertino


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