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Linux Lennart Poettering, the author of systemd, has announced: "I just put a first version of a wiki document together that lists a couple of easy optimizations to get your boot times down to [less than] 2s. It also includes a list of suggested things to hack on to get even quicker boot-ups."
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by linux-it on Mon 14th May 2012 16:30 UTC
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no LVM? Whut? If you're in to btrfs, it can be skipped. However not using lvm is most of the times a time bomb (and please don't be stupid by saying that a large partition is good enough; it's not).

Bypass initrd..... sigh.

disable auditing and selinux/apparmor. what....?

disable syslog...

oh my god. typical developer again. He already did no good with portaudio, systemd. And for what?

Not to offend any developer but if he or she doesn't understand how a system works, what things are needed for, we shouldn't let him proceed. Look at the merging of all the paths he's also in favor of.

How to kill linux... hire Lennart.

remove cron... gnome 3.4 .. etc

This man is full of painful ideas that is nowhere near useful. As if I would restart my servers daily. I don't. Besides 192GB memory testing takes a bit longer than a boot cycle. Also laptop: I just suspend. Works for months and the nly time I recall a reboot was needed was twofold: new kernel and filesystem checking.

How can this man be stopped.... can we stand up or do we keep being forced things thru the throat?


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RE: what...?
by olau on Mon 14th May 2012 17:42 in reply to "what...?"
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Well, I think you have to think about the intended audience. The intended audience is people who'd like to hack their system or people making a specialized distribution for embedded systems.

The page is not saying everyone should do this.

Also some of the points are about limitations of current technology, like LVM. Think of them as short-term suggestions until long-term solutions show up.

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RE: what...?
by Soulbender on Wed 16th May 2012 01:08 in reply to "what...?"
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disable auditing and selinux/apparmor. what....?

Well, it will save you 100's of milliseconds!

Get rid of a local MTA

Because that adds...what..100ms to the boot?

I think it's the same kind of people who care about this stuff that also puts flame decals and spoilers on their stock Japanese cars thinking it makes them faster.

He already did no good with portaudio,

In all fairness, I think portaudio works pretty well these days, at least for me.

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