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Windows For weeks - if not months - I've been trying to come up with a way to succinctly and accurately explain why, exactly, Windows 8 rubs me the wrong way, usability-wise. I think I finally got it.
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Correct me if I am wrong...but didn't Microsoft try to put a shell over Windows in the past to make it "simpler" and "easier to use"? I believe it was called "Microsoft Bob". How well did that work out?

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Metro has nothing in common with Bob.

Bob was about taking the concept of using real-world objects to depict computer things, and turning that concept up to eleven (ala Spinal Tap), and having Office-Clippy user agents around to guide users.
Metro is the opposite of that.

I would've thought that the so-called "tech savvy" folks that post to these kinds of sites could see the difference, but I guess not.

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