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Windows For weeks - if not months - I've been trying to come up with a way to succinctly and accurately explain why, exactly, Windows 8 rubs me the wrong way, usability-wise. I think I finally got it.
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RE[4]: um
by blahbl4hblah on Tue 15th May 2012 17:35 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: um"
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"Go to hell" is a bit strong don't you think? I've been using it on a daily basis as my workstation since the Build conference last September and it's just not that bad.

It's like anything else...its takes a couple of days to get a new install setup with all of your tools and then it works just like you think it would.

I hardly even notice the metro parts...and I've started using the windows key more when I use win7 or 2K8. (Hit win and start's nice.)

I've started using powershell for anything and everything since you can finally do that on windows. Honestly, it's much better than it is worse.

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