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Apple "Production is set to begin next month for the screens, which measure at least 4 inches diagonally compared with 3.5 inches on the iPhone 4S, the latest phone from Apple, the people said." Cue the usual suspects twisting and turning to change the very fabric of space-time so that instead of 3.5" being the optimal size, 4.0" will be the optimal size. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.
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"Well, since the SII is considerably lighter (116g vs 140g) than the 4S, I find it far more pocketable. Size isn't the only factor there.

Yes 34g makes a huge difference in your pocket.
And the trolling goes on...

It's 25% lighter.

Not every argument against an iPhone is trolling.

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Have you, you know, tried to pocket a 7 inch tablet? When the original Galaxy Tab came out, I was working in a phone shop. My coworkers didn't believe me when I said it was a conveniently pocketable size, and furthermore, it would fit in their handbags a whole lot easier than an iPad. To prove my point, I put two dummy units of the Galaxy Tab (that is to say, non functional but identically sized, shaped and weighted units), and my 5 inch Dell Streak into my left pocket. My perfectly ordinary black slacks had a big enough pocket for two of them and a huge phone.

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It's a shame Eugenia and David barely post anymore; they balanced the silliness coming out of you with some decent posts.

This coming from the exact same person who, in another article comment, said that Thom was mysteriously silent about an issue, only to be shown later he had already submitted the article in question...

You apologized for missing the article there, but I said you weren't really sorry because you didn't have the intellectual honesty to get a more balanced view of someone before hand. I was right. You weren't sorry. You were just going to continue to do the same hoping no one would call you out on it.

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140-116=24...not 34....the difference is 17%, not 25%. That's fairly negligible, IMO.

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140-116=24...not 34....the difference is 17%, not 25%. That's fairly negligible, IMO.

Yes either way it is negligible and it doesn't really have a net effect on how pocketable it is.
But apparently for Thom (the guy insisting a 7inch tablet is pocketable) the difference is So significant that it makes it "far more pocketable"....

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