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Internet & Networking According to StatCounter's figures (whatever they're worth) Chrome is now the most popular browser in the world, overtaking Internet Explorer for the first time. How times change. Let's hope Google, Firefox, and Opera have some good Metro stuff coming up, because IE on Windows 8 has a terrible UI.
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Top browser by country
by zima on Mon 21st May 2012 22:48 UTC
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I also find this image quite revealing.

Even if it masks places which have two (or few) browsers with quite comparable share, which is even more interesting situation - and, one could argue, an ideal situation for web standards.
As is the case in Russia, for example (well no wonder - all roughly equal, communism in action! ;p ...though Opera would seem better at the top, like it sometimes was there - you have to admit, red on the world map would fit Russia better)

PS. I'm disappointed by most Nordic places and Benelux, I thought of them higher... ;) (well, and Canada)

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