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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Seagate this morning announced plans to acquire LaCie, a Paris-based producer of consumer data storage devices, for at least $186 million. Seagate said it has agreed to buy a 64.5% stake in LaCie held by Philippe Spruch, the company's chairman and CEO. On completion of that transaction, Seagate intends to made an all-cash tender offer for the rest of LaCie's shares."
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Great loss to the apple community
by laffer1 on Wed 23rd May 2012 19:35 UTC
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LaCie products have always worked great on Macs. They tend to make case designs that fit in and some of the best firewire products over the years.

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Why do you assume it's automatically a loss? (plus, really, even Apple phases out firewire)

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Why do you assume it's automatically a loss?

Well for me, Seagate is a hard drive brand that produces hard drive that makes scratching sound and breaks, while Lacie produce reliable external hard drive. So based on my experience, I will assume that there is a high change of a loss. Unless they keep Lacie as a separate business units, but that seems unlikely.

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Phasing out does not mean that it would disappear from the face of the earth.

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