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Google Google CEO Larry Page was interviewed on Charlie Rose recently, and there was certainly some interesting stuff in there. Sadly, the interview suffers from the curse of modern journalism in that it was all a bit timid and civil (no truly harsh and confronting questions), but despite that, it's still a good watch. Two quotes from Page really stood out to me.
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Without Android ...
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Wed 23rd May 2012 22:36 UTC
Bill Shooter of Bul
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I'm not sure what the market would look like.

I think Nokia wouldn't have joined with Microsoft.

Palm would still be a semi-successful entity not owned by HP.
RIM would be doing better.
I think Microsoft wouldn't have joined with Nokia.
Windows phone 7 would be as popular as the Zune was.

The only exciting thing would be whatever hardware palm had decided to do. I was still tempted to buy a palm pre instead of the captivate a few years ago.

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RE: Without Android ...
by kwan_e on Wed 23rd May 2012 23:33 in reply to "Without Android ..."
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I don't think history would just reset itself like that. More likely, the iPhone would grow more than it did without Android. Those other companies would still tank because they were stagnant and resting on their laurels, and we'd be likely left with an Apple dominated smartphone market.

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Bill Shooter of Bul Member since:

Ack, forgot to include the apple prediction.

Yes, they'd have a majority share, but maybe only half of Android's current market share would be theirs.

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