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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Seagate this morning announced plans to acquire LaCie, a Paris-based producer of consumer data storage devices, for at least $186 million. Seagate said it has agreed to buy a 64.5% stake in LaCie held by Philippe Spruch, the company's chairman and CEO. On completion of that transaction, Seagate intends to made an all-cash tender offer for the rest of LaCie's shares."
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Phasing out does not mean that it would disappear from the face of the earth.

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Duh... so? Of course it won't "disappear from the face of the earth" (the same way phonograph records or scythes are still around; the latter underrated BTW - but then, we wouldn't be ourselves if didn't waste manufacturing resources and fuel so that every lawn can have its mechanised mower). And which I didn't say.

But it's irrelevant as far as future products go, it's being phased out - nothing more, nothing less, at most relegated to "let's see how much money we can squeeze out of those locked into this tech in ~legacy scenarios" (like Apple leaving FW only on "pro" machines) ...and even that for a relatively short time (and quite soon: relegated to where 5.25" or 8" floppies and getting data out of them are)

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