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Windows "Windows 8 has a problem " it really can boot up too quickly. So quickly, in fact, that there is no longer time for anything to interrupt boot. When you turn on a Windows 8 PC, there's no longer long enough to detect keystrokes like F2 or F8, much less time to read a message such as 'Press F2 for Setup'. For the first time in decades, you will no longer be able to interrupt boot and tell your PC to do anything different than what it was already expecting to do. Fast booting is something we definitely want to preserve. Certainly no one would imagine intentionally slowing down boot to allow these functions to work as they did in the past. In this blog I'll walk through how we're addressing this 'problem' with new solutions that will keep your PC booting as quickly as possible, while still letting you do all the things you expect."
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RE: Nice language, dickheads.
by Wafflez on Thu 24th May 2012 10:39 UTC in reply to "Nice language, dickheads."
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With 90+ % I don't see a reason why not. Considering Linux sits well under 1% and MacBooks being different beast....

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The language used will make people *think* that the only other operating systems out there are... Windows. As if most people didn't already think that. And, of course, there is only ONE official provider/licensor of Windows operating systems. Just an extension of their monopoly, which apparently even they believe they have according to their wording. Well, I guess the wording really *will* be true on all ARM machines that come with Windows 8... since to be certified for Windows 8, they must disallow the computer itself from ever booting any other OS, even if the computer owner wants to, unless it is blessed by Thy Almighty Microsoft's Sacred Key. Linux? BSD? Solaris? Haiku? MINIX? ReactOS? Syllable? Nope, move along--only Windows can play within these walled playgrounds.

Windows 8 is reeking more of vendor lock-in than any version of Windows before it.

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As well-known as Mac OS/iOS, and Android are, anybody interested in booting another OS (and many who aren't) know there are more OSes than Windows available.

It's a niche use case for which most consumers have no interest. For those that need the capability, they already know there are more options than Windows, and as far as MS' role, they are only going to officially support their OSes.

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