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Opera Software Pocket-lint has a rumour up that Facebook is interested in acquiring Opera to kickstart their own move into the browser market, to compete with Mozilla, Google, and Microsoft. While it would mean much-deserved recognition for Opera, I actually hope such a deal does not go through - for entirely selfish reasons.
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The last time they gave concrete numbers, at the end of 2010, over 200 million people accessed FB from their mobile phones; a year ago it was "hundreds of millions of people" ( )

And it just so happens that Opera is the #1 mobile browser, Facebook a top webpage viewed by its users ( oh and FB works fine under Opera, that's probably all FB cares about), and the most explosive growth of new FB users (and web users in general) occurs in places where mobile phone is often the first and only way to access the web ( ).
I'd guess FB keeps an eye on a browser which brings a sizable portion of users to its webpage (and, most importantly, keeps many of them hooked / they're a demographic likely to be more affluent one day, and clicking on ads); though I also doubt in any buyout.

If anything they'd be more interested in the talent and expertise of employees working at Opera. They be put to work on a brand new Webkit-based browser.

Employees who aren't used to Webkit, and certainly only part of them would be interested and willing to familiarize themselves ...OTOH most would be probably put off by takeover and murder of their darling.
Easier, and most likely by far cheaper, to just "announce" perks to employees and "steal" some, than to buy whole company.

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I stand corrected, that's quite a bit of research there. I can certainly see the value Facebook would see in the mobile version of Opera. I still think they'd value their expertise and talent more but now I also think they'd value their business relationships with manufacturers.

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