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General Development FuriousFanBoys interviews Ben Goertzel regarding Artificial Intelligence. Ben started the OpenCog project (an open sourced AI non-profit), acts as an adviser to the Singularity University, and currently bounces back between Hong Kong and Maryland building in-game AI.
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RE[4]: Memetics
by kwan_e on Mon 28th May 2012 06:14 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Memetics"
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...while AI is really more about being better than average human, inexpensively mass-producing and distributing its expertise.

This is kind of why I think artificial intelligence has already been achieved. It was already achieved the first time ELIZA successfully trolled the participants. The rest is just people making excuses to hide away from the fact that most people are stupid (in the best sense of the word) and people just vary in their abilities and their proficiency in those abilities.

Intelligence is not the holy grail here. It is consciousness that we're really chasing. We've had the benefit of having physical bodies, and I don't think artificial consciousness can really proceed unless it has physical bodies with which to evolve along with.

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RE[5]: Memetics
by zima on Mon 28th May 2012 06:28 in reply to "RE[4]: Memetics"
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With chatbots, sometimes I think that a much fairer Turing test would involve testing humans who must communicate in their non-native language (with a representative spectrum of proficiencies)

After all, not only that would approximate what the AI must do, it's also much more representative of random human-human communication... (you don't know the language of, can hardly communicate with strong majority of humans)

And BTW physical bodies, are you sure you have one & have you heard about simulation argument? ;)

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RE[6]: Memetics
by kwan_e on Mon 28th May 2012 06:40 in reply to "RE[5]: Memetics"
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And BTW physical bodies, are you sure you have one & have you heard about simulation argument? ;)

futter das weisse licht fur mich

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RE[5]: Memetics
by cfgr on Mon 28th May 2012 13:26 in reply to "RE[4]: Memetics"
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AI has gone much further than that, and 20 years ago.

Computers are perfectly capable of learning by trial and error to beat humanity hands down. Gerald Tesauro developed a machine that can teach itself to play backgammon.

It does so by playing against itself and exploring policies, not moves, and by punishing/rewarding those policies for how well it is doing. It's called reinforcement learning. The code did not contain any strategies, only the game rules. After thousands of games against itself, it managed to beat average players, Tesauro included.

Then they let it learn from analysed situations from a database (i.e. like from a book) - again nothing coded. After this it could defeat the world's best players and in fact changed the way grandmasters play backgammon.

It's pretty awesome.

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