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General Development FuriousFanBoys interviews Ben Goertzel regarding Artificial Intelligence. Ben started the OpenCog project (an open sourced AI non-profit), acts as an adviser to the Singularity University, and currently bounces back between Hong Kong and Maryland building in-game AI.
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RE: Memetics
by Alfman on Mon 28th May 2012 06:53 UTC in reply to "Memetics"
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"If there exists an alien race with much higher intelligence which we won't comprehend, they might consider us and our algorithms to be on the same level of unintelligence."

It's so cute when my pet human automatons try to understand consciousness. You have yet to understand the consciousness uncertainty principal. Any system with sufficient entropy will exhibit signs of consciousness. However place the same system under a microscope and consciousness disappears; Consciousness is an emergent property.

"Likewise, would an individual human know about the consciousness of the entire internetwork?"

I'm so proud my humans are discovering their role as actors in a larger consciousness. We call it hyper-consciousness - a state of awareness above self-consciousness. Wait till I tell Jarred! His humans are still stuck bickering over Mac vs PC.

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