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In the News This topic comes up quite a lot on technology websites, but I generally try to steer clear from it as much as possible, since I'm not the one to talk about it (you know, with me being a man and all that), however, I feel it might be a good idea to just get my opinion out there and be done with it. The topic of women in IT is a hot-button issue, so let me just go out guns blazing: assuming women need special treatment, help, protection, and affirmative action is just as insulting and degrading as outright claiming women have no place in IT - maybe even more so.
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RE[2]: Indeed
by mjg59 on Tue 29th May 2012 02:52 UTC in reply to "RE: Indeed"
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I'm arguing that the proposed solutions are not grounded in reality.

Citation needed.

The fact that I'm a man has no bearing on whether or not my points are valid. If you think it does, then I think you just unknowingly illustrated my point better than I did.

You wouldn't ask a farmer for a description of the effects of microgravity on human physiology, because in all probability they have neither the training nor the experience to give you a useful answer. Most men in the computing industry don't have direct experience of discrimination, whereas most women do. So, in the absence of independent research, women are going to provide more insight into the matter than men. You could compensate for that by actually doing some research, but you show absolutely no signs of having done so. Do your reading and then come back with a summary of the other side and well-reasoned counterarguments and there'd be a reason to take you seriously, but right now there really isn't.

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