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Hardware, Embedded Systems It took the world a good while, but today, my Raspberry Pi finally landed on my doormat. Since it only arrived today, I haven't had the time to put it through its paces, but I do have a few first impressions to share with you all, while I also want to explain how the Pi will allow me to complete my already seven year long quest for The Elusive Three.
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RE: how long until xbmc is ported?
by bnolsen on Wed 30th May 2012 23:41 UTC in reply to "how long until xbmc is ported?"
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youd be way better off with a mele a1000 for that purpose. no codec limitations, already a case and you can plug in a 2.5" sata drive.

I was up when the released the pi trying to get one. Mine is still supposedly 2 weeks out. Frankly though work has gotten me so I wouldn't be able to contribute so well.

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XBMC on the RasPi is stunning. I use the Raspbmc and it plays all the youtube and BBC iplayer better than my laptop, with no playback issues at all. The installation of Raspbmc was piss easy too, you just need a blank sd card. The only issue is the menus are a slightly sluggish (I haven't even needed to over clock) and there is a 5 second delay before buffering starts which is annoying, but once it starts playing there are no issues. (mpeg4 does not work but I don't have any), I use the Android XBMC remote control.

Ha Ha Thom I ordered my Pi a day after you and we both got exactly the same delivery date, but mine arrived about a week ago.

Watch that S2 power adapter as my pi would crash occasionally using it, you really need a greater than 700mA charger. The debian image is very flaky with lots of rough edges and very slow. The very new Raspian OS is looking very good (with hardware floating point) and runs faster. run the rpi-updater to get the latest kernel with pre-emption turned on on Debian

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some people were saying that the 1080p "killa sample" h264 1080p clip runs smooth on an a10 processor and does not on an rpi. but that's just a benchmark.

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