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Hardware, Embedded Systems It took the world a good while, but today, my Raspberry Pi finally landed on my doormat. Since it only arrived today, I haven't had the time to put it through its paces, but I do have a few first impressions to share with you all, while I also want to explain how the Pi will allow me to complete my already seven year long quest for The Elusive Three.
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Technically, the GUI is not part of the OS, so why should this hold you back to write your own OS for ARM?

There are lots of interesting other tasks in writing an OS, like memory-management, filesystem drivers, etc... no binary bob prevents you from doing that :-)

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It's actually a bit backwards. The GPU is the main processor and the ARM is an auxiliary. When the system is started, the GPU wakes up, fetches the blob from the SD card, and that blob contains a program that brings up the ARM.

No matter what OS runs, the blob is needed in order to boot the ARM.

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That blob can be anything capable of running in the L2 cache, as long as it's named "start.elf" in the FAT-formatted first partition of the on-board SD card. Who knows, perhaps someone could get Contiki OS in there?

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