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Fedora Core "Fedora 18 will be released at around the same time as Windows 8, and as previously discussed all Windows 8 hardware will be shipping with secure boot enabled by default. [...] We've been working on a plan for dealing with this. It's not ideal, but of all the approaches we've examined we feel that this one offers the best balance between letting users install Fedora while still permitting user freedom." Wait for it... "Our first stage bootloader will be signed with a Microsoft key."
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RE[2]: Wonderful...
by orestes on Thu 31st May 2012 12:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Wonderful..."
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Some people would prefer that potential users be screwed over to make a point rather than adopt a simple, if less than ideal solution.

I know someone's going to bring up Fedora's hard line on media codecs when other distros are more flexible so I might as well point out that it's not the same scenario. With the media codecs, there are issues of legality and licensing at play in various countries. Fedora takes the safe path for itself and it's users.

With this the only issues are ethical, and those who feel strongly about it can simply avoid the locked down platforms entirely.

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