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Google "So the titanic showdown between Facebook and Google might not be the News Feed vs. Google+ after all. It might be Facebook Camera vs. Project Glass. It might, in fact, be pictures vs. vision." Sounds esoteric, but bear with author Robin Sloan, because I think he's clearly on to something. By extension, this.
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i really liked this article
by REM2000 on Thu 31st May 2012 12:23 UTC
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I really liked this article and many like it as it points in your a different direction of thinking. When put on the blog/black and white it makes perfect sense.

Obviously Facebook will continue to try and push the facebook platform but the idea of photos being at it's core of course perfectly obvious it's just never dawned on me before where i would like that communication would have been the primary use of facebook, thats not sarcasm its how i viewed the platform but photos are the core make a lot more sense with the communication around the photos.

I also appreciate the view of google and in particular their long view of the future, i can see how they are positioning themselves for augmented information delivery and world information/interaction.

Like i said it was a good article and one that got the grey cells moving.

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