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Windows "Microsoft has been furiously ripping out legacy code in Windows 8 that would have enabled third parties to bring back the Start button, Start Menu, and other software bits that could have made this new OS look and work like its predecessor. In fact, I've seen that several well-known UI hacks that worked fine with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview are no longer functional in the coming Release Preview. And those with hopes that Microsoft would allow businesses, at least, to boot directly to the desktop should prepare for disappointment. That feature not only isn't happening, it's being removed from Windows Server 12 (Windows 8's stable mate) as well." When you buy a new machine later this year, you will use Metro, an environment wholly inferior, incomplete, and not at all ready to replace the traditional desktop in any way, shape, or form. Whether you like it or not.
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RE: He just doesn't like Metro
by Arnoud on Thu 31st May 2012 14:33 UTC in reply to "He just doesn't like Metro"
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Seems that some of the anti-Metro crowd are now claiming that Metro is anti-business, that only the desktop mode is business friendly. That's just silly, and ignores some very nice business Metro UIs that Microsoft has demonstrated. Businesses can adjust to Metro, even if it's just the start screen at first.

I do, as someone who has something of a passion for UI design find Metro very interesting and it challenges to me take a fresh look at UIs. I can imagine it working quite well on phones and tablets. I have tried, but just cannot see it working well for general computing (as opposed to just consuming information) and business usage.

I have never seen these "very nice business Metro UIs" you talk about. If you mean the Dynamics example: Thats still just showing some data, I have not seen any Metro apps with serious data entry.

In real life most people using ERP software like Dynamics stare at boring datagrids all day and enter data in them. The old desktop style is far better for that than Metro.

All Metro apps I have seen so far are dashboard style and simple RSS feed readers with news or stocks.

Furthermore Metro absolutely kills multitasking. I have tried the latest Windows 8 preview and all you can do is snap another Metro app to the side. So that's at most two apps open at the same time. Even then, because of Metros massive waste of screen real estate the second app is at best usable as a reference. Switching between apps just takes too long and breaks concentration.

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