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Windows "Microsoft has been furiously ripping out legacy code in Windows 8 that would have enabled third parties to bring back the Start button, Start Menu, and other software bits that could have made this new OS look and work like its predecessor. In fact, I've seen that several well-known UI hacks that worked fine with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview are no longer functional in the coming Release Preview. And those with hopes that Microsoft would allow businesses, at least, to boot directly to the desktop should prepare for disappointment. That feature not only isn't happening, it's being removed from Windows Server 12 (Windows 8's stable mate) as well." When you buy a new machine later this year, you will use Metro, an environment wholly inferior, incomplete, and not at all ready to replace the traditional desktop in any way, shape, or form. Whether you like it or not.
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Comment by marcp
by marcp on Thu 31st May 2012 15:55 UTC
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"Whether you like it or not."

This last line of the article gives perfect perspective on the whole closed-source ecosystem.

I find it pretty hilarious and outraging in the same time. I would be mad as their customer, but - thankfuly - I switched to FLOSS years ago.

The real, multi environmental problem emerges from the fact that Microsoft pays hardware vendors to implement their closed-source crap, which usually makes FLOSS world's life a little bit harder.
However - due to its open nature FLOSS will succeed in most cases. In fact, we have some early initiatives like Open Hardware, which means that the revolution has already started ...

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RE: Comment by marcp
by Stephen! on Thu 31st May 2012 17:23 in reply to "Comment by marcp"
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"Whether you like it or not."

It's like a teenager going through puberty. They might not initially like the changes, but sooner or later, they don't really have much choice but to accept it.

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RE: Comment by marcp
by MollyC on Fri 1st Jun 2012 04:25 in reply to "Comment by marcp"
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Yeah, like the average user has any say on what Ubuntu does. What, you think the average user is going to fork Ubuntu or GNOME or KDE or Unity if he/she doesn't like it? Open source's "openness" is largely theoretical. As a practical matter, the typical user is stuck with whatever the devs decide to do as much as with closed source.

And spare me the "we have early initiatives ... the revolution has started" nonsense. OSS devs spend so much time just copying what the closed source devs do, that it's hilarious for them to claim some sort of technical supremacy.

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RE[2]: Comment by marcp
by bert64 on Fri 1st Jun 2012 22:09 in reply to "RE: Comment by marcp"
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You have plenty of choice...
Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Mint, Fedora... Don't like one distro? use another. MS don't give you this option.

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