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Fedora Core "Fedora 18 will be released at around the same time as Windows 8, and as previously discussed all Windows 8 hardware will be shipping with secure boot enabled by default. [...] We've been working on a plan for dealing with this. It's not ideal, but of all the approaches we've examined we feel that this one offers the best balance between letting users install Fedora while still permitting user freedom." Wait for it... "Our first stage bootloader will be signed with a Microsoft key."
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RE: Ehmm...
by darknexus on Thu 31st May 2012 17:24 UTC in reply to "Ehmm..."
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Microsoft takes control of my new motherboard and I have to pay them $99 to regain control of my own property... aahh, the wonder of the "free market".

What free market? Nowhere in the world has a free market, and it's a term that gets misused. For a free market you need at least three things:
1. No government intervension in economics whatsoever,
2. corporates and business leaders able to think long-term,
and finally, intelligent consumers who won't jump on the latest shiny thing as soon as it comes out. What we have now is a market skewed towards certain corporations because governments have a vested interest, via support contracts and the like, in keeping them afloat while appearing to actually give a sh*t about monopoly abuse (EU, I'm looking at you). If we actually allowed a free market, this kind of crap wouldn't last long because other vendors would band together out of necessity to implement a better standard, which the big bad boy would either have to eventually embrace or be made irrelevant. Instead, what do we have? Governments with an objective in mind: Don't lose our support contracts. Bah.

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