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Windows "Microsoft has been furiously ripping out legacy code in Windows 8 that would have enabled third parties to bring back the Start button, Start Menu, and other software bits that could have made this new OS look and work like its predecessor. In fact, I've seen that several well-known UI hacks that worked fine with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview are no longer functional in the coming Release Preview. And those with hopes that Microsoft would allow businesses, at least, to boot directly to the desktop should prepare for disappointment. That feature not only isn't happening, it's being removed from Windows Server 12 (Windows 8's stable mate) as well." When you buy a new machine later this year, you will use Metro, an environment wholly inferior, incomplete, and not at all ready to replace the traditional desktop in any way, shape, or form. Whether you like it or not.
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It's a shame that the Linux desktop has already just done a "Windows 8" gun-shooting-in-the-foot episode with the release of GNOME 3. I've tried both Unity on Ubuntu and the GNOME Shell in Fedora and they really are dismal for power users (i.e. those who GNOME 2 was catering well to).

On my Mini 9 netbook, I'm even clinging to Fedora 14, which was the last release of Fedora+GNOME that was suitable for my uses. It's really sad to see the previously excellent Linux GNOME 2 desktop blow itself up in a stupid way just as it had the chance to grab some Windows 8 defectors.

I've played with all the Win 8 previews so far (next one due in a few days!) and they are utterly hopeless for even the average desktop user. I *love* change if it improves things, but Win 8 has no desktop improvements over Win 7 *at all* and arguably is actually worse in that area.

Microsoft are betting on a huge uptake of ARM or Intel tablets running Win 8 - Metro might have a better chance there, but I see a lot of users skipping Win 8, though inevitably new desktop PCs will be forced to include it (I still can't believe that no major OEM will offer either no OS or a non-MS OS!), so it will eventually cling like the nasty mess it is.

Oh and as for Vista, the bad rep it got was from too many people trying to upgrade to it on their ancient XP machines and dissing its heavier resource usage. I bought a fresh Dell Vostro PC (no crapware and a proper Vista install DVD!) with Vista within a year of its launch and it was a pretty sweet setup I must say (much, much better than XP). Linux was still far better on that Vostro, but that goes without saying :-)

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Fedora 14 has been unsupported since December. You really don't want to use Fedora if you don't really like the latest and greatest.

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Long life xfce4!

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