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Windows The Windows 8 release Preview has been released, so go out and get it, test it, and wax lyrically, or complain loudly. I'm installing it as we speak, so no word, thoughts, or impressions from me yet. Like it or hate it, at least have fun, folks.
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RE: Waste of plastic.
by WereCatf on Fri 1st Jun 2012 00:17 UTC in reply to "Waste of plastic."
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I tried out the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Hated it.

Care to explain what made you hate it, or what you found lacking?

Oh, wait, this is just angry bashing with nothing to add to the discussion. Nevermind then.

I tried to force myself to get used to it for a couple hours

Interesting. Windows 8 Release Preview has only been available for about 5 hours, which would mean that you'd have to have been following Windows 8 - related announcements very actively to have time to have downloaded, installed and used it for hours already.

I call bullshit.

Really... I'd be better off playing around with DOS than Windows 8. :|

I heartily agree. Though, that's only because maybe you'd actually end up learning something.

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