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Legal "Megaupload is challenging the U.S. Government's possession of millions of dollars in assets it seized from the company and its operators in January. The newly-filed and eye-opening motion slams the U.S. for holding the defendants liable for alleged offenses that aren't even a crime, ignoring laws designed to offer them protection, failing to provide any detail whatsoever on alleged infringements, and pushing U.S. law far beyond its borders." I'm sure Megaupload wasn't exactly a fluffy bunny organisation, but rarely have I seen a government screw up so badly, and so publicly.
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RE[3]: Missing the Point
by bornagainenguin on Sat 2nd Jun 2012 04:07 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Missing the Point"
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jefro spouted...

The final agreement on the VHS and other recordable media was to put a pretty large tax in the US on any of those blank products. The proceeds from those taxes were to be shared by many groups. VHS didn't kill the industry because of this tax putting money in pockets from I Love Lucy to Frank Zappa.

Yeah, yeah...I question whether any of the money from that tax ever made its way to any of the artists or performers the industry cried huge crocodile tears for. Considering how many artists have had to sue to get their share of settlement monies from previous MAFIAA action I somehow feel less than optimistic.

Oh and google around for information on Megakey, which I believe was the insult that demanded the MAFIAA take down Megaupload immediately, before the artists and performers discovered just how useless the self-styled gatekeepers of culture really are in an age of digital abundance...


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