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Amiga & AROS Good interview with Steven Solie - this bit stood out to me: "Although Hyperion has been using serial numbers for copies of AmigaOS since 4.0, it won't reveal sales numbers. Solie's 'personal guess' is that the system has 2000-5000 users. 'If you include all the various Amiga clones and emulators we would probably be talking about around 10000 users [in] total,' he adds, 'it is really difficult to judge because a majority of the users are rather quiet.'" Fascinating number - lower than I anticipated.
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by bert64 on Sat 2nd Jun 2012 10:46 UTC
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I would love to run AmigaOS4, if only to play around with... I was a heavy Amiga user back in the days, and still have an A3000, A4000 and A1200 as well as a stack of peripherals in the loft...

However, i simply cannot justify the price for brand new but obsolete hardware, to run a niche OS... The Sam boards are available from amigakit and cost just short of 800GBP, for this you get just a motherboard and 1ghz ppc cpu. The X1000 talked about in the article is a 1.8ghz dual core (with amigaos only supporting 1 core for now) and would cost upwards of 1600GBP, if there were any actually for sale.

I think a big missed opportunity for AmigaOS was the PS3, when it had OtherOS support... Modern desktop oriented versions of Linux in 256mb of ram were quite sluggish, but AmigaOS should have absolutely flown, and the hardware was widely available.

Also with a PS3, the hardware has other uses if you decide AmigaOS isn't for you... It's even harder to justify a purchase of expensive hardware when the only other things you can use it as is a slow unremarkable linux box.

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RE: AmigaOS4
by aliquis on Sat 2nd Jun 2012 13:52 in reply to "AmigaOS4"
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What about a mac mini PPC?

Can't be all that expensive.

Over-priced Apple gear sure but nowhere near the X1000?

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RE: AmigaOS4
by JLF65 on Sat 2nd Jun 2012 17:00 in reply to "AmigaOS4"
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AmigaOS would do better on a jailbroke PS3. Not only do you not have to mess with OTHEROS to run something AND can run on either the Phat or Slim, but you have full access to the RSX hardware for hardware 3D and scaling of bitmaps to HD resolutions.

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RE: AmigaOS4
by zima on Fri 8th Jun 2012 20:43 in reply to "AmigaOS4"
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I think a big missed opportunity for AmigaOS was the PS3, when it had OtherOS support...

I think the earlier iMacs (Powermacs in general) were, realistically, the last opportunity.
(NVM Amithlon, that I mention nearby)

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