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Amiga & AROS Good interview with Steven Solie - this bit stood out to me: "Although Hyperion has been using serial numbers for copies of AmigaOS since 4.0, it won't reveal sales numbers. Solie's 'personal guess' is that the system has 2000-5000 users. 'If you include all the various Amiga clones and emulators we would probably be talking about around 10000 users [in] total,' he adds, 'it is really difficult to judge because a majority of the users are rather quiet.'" Fascinating number - lower than I anticipated.
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RE[3]: LOWER than you expected?
by Sauron on Sat 2nd Jun 2012 12:47 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: LOWER than you expected?"
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As someone that had access to Amigas back in the day, and old enough to remember the days when they were new, the Amiga as such, is dead.

What made the Amiga special was the hardware and operating system, specially when compared with the competition.

How beautiful it was to be able to play around with sound channels, setup memory buffers with GMA operations for really fast rendering. Everything on
a real multitasking operating system for the desktop users, unheard at the time.

I doubt anyone old enough to have developed software for the Amiga will find these new systems can be called Amiga.

What Amiga used to represent is now part of most computers with the mainstream programmable sound and graphics cards, making use of multicore.

Time to move on.

Speak for yourself. I have 2 A1200's and 2 A500's and still use them all. Also if you take a look at the continual number of posts on Amibay and EAB you will find the Amiga is far from dead. Not sure about OS4 as I have never used it. And yes, Haiku is great. I still run BeOs Max on a old ECS K7S5A board with an Athlon 1.1 and it absolutely flies! Haiku will be going on there eventually. ;)

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I wonder how much real work you do on those systems.

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I wonder how much real work you do on those systems.

A lot more than what will be done under Metro! ;)

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It doesn't mean amiga isn't dead.

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