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GNU, GPL, Open Source "The Samba Team and seven kernel hackers have come together with Software Freedom Conservancy to help efforts to ensure compliance with the GPL by those who implement Linux and other GPL software. Richard Hillesley talked to Bradley Kuhn of Software Freedom Conservancy, Jeremy Allison of Samba, and Matthew Garrett, who works in his spare time with the GPL Compliance Project for Linux Developers."
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RE: What a waste of time....
by JAlexoid on Sat 2nd Jun 2012 17:35 UTC in reply to "What a waste of time.... "
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I wonder if the world would have been worse-off if Linux and gcc had been released as "public domain".

If there was something else to assure the giant companies that their competitors will not be able to use their work without releasing their own modifications, then yes.

Otherwise, don't even think that the likes of Oracle and IBM would shy away from creating a closed fork. Oracle already closed off Solaris - that is a fact.

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Well, so what? They can have their closed fork. Anyone else can create a free fork and the original creator can continue his own version.

That's what you get if you make it public domain. If that's now what you want then just don't, make is closed and sell it. GPL, BSD, whatever it.

In the old days there was lots of public domain software. Demos, games, serious software. A lot of high quality stuff.

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The "public domain" works of olden days were usually distributed in binary form, without source.

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Are you not aware who writes most opensource software these days? And why they are OK at actually contributing to GPL'd projects?

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