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Windows So, I've been using the Windows 8 Release Preview since it came out, almost exclusively (except for work, since I'm obviously not going to rely on unfinished and untested software for that). I already knew I could get into Metro on my 11.6" ZenBook, but on my 24" desktop, things aren't looking as rosy. Here's an illustrated guide of the most pressing issues I run into, and five suggestions to address them. Instead of just complaining, let's get constructive.
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RE: Nelson misses the point
by nt_jerkface on Tue 5th Jun 2012 14:08 UTC in reply to "Nelson misses the point"
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The reality is that when Microsoft thumbed their noses at their own usability studies, instead letting engineers make the calls, they screwed the pooch with the designs.

I agree with everything you said except for the part about engineers.

Engineers at Microsoft would not vote for Windows 8.

The problem is that Microsoft is ignoring usability studies and letting a Steve Jobs-Wannabe named Sinofsky make the calls. This is really the result of two people (Ballmer and Sinofsky) so please don't blame engineers in general.

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The thing is - Metro in and of itself a good idea on tablets, and maybe as an optional extra on laptops. For desktops, however, it would have made far more sense to offer an extended, desktop-oriented version of Metro, with proper windowing and multitasking, a proper dock/taskbar, etc - and keep classic the way it is now.

This would have made far more sense.

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This so far has been the general response which complicates things for Windows 8 defenders who keep trolling their "fear of change" line. Metro is fine on a touch screen but ripping out the start menu and forcing you into Metro is idiotic.

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