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General Development "I got interested in the Soviet space program and was interested to discover that the software on the Buran spacecraft circa 1988 was written in Prolog. Does anyone know what languages might have been used in earlier missions, especially the Mars PrOP-M rover missions of the early 1970s which were somewhat autonomous and could navigate obstacles?" Absolutely fascinating.
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by dnebdal on Tue 5th Jun 2012 15:15 UTC
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That led me to something I've very briefly looked at before, namely yet another diagramming style that was created for the Buran project - DRAKON. It's really quite neat; both simple and fairly well thought out (with emphasis on being non-confusing to read). There's an editor for it at sourceforge, with a decent (English) summary pdf :

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by Verenkeitin on Tue 5th Jun 2012 18:02 in reply to "DRAKON"
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Thanks for the link. I read the whole pdf.

DRAKON has the kind of Soviet technological aesthetics I like. Simplest possible thing that robustly doest what you need.

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by Radio on Tue 5th Jun 2012 19:39 in reply to "RE: DRAKON"
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I am completely flabbergasted that they use a visual coding language. Many people tried the concept, and it never had any success (I remember how much criticism received Google (now MIT) App Inventor) - and now, we have a prime example, moreover in actual use, moreover in critical applications.

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