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Windows "More than 100,000 applications have now been published in the Windows Phone Marketplace and new content is currently being added at the rate of 313 applications per day. At the time of writing, 100,145 applications have been published. Of these, 26,493 were added in the last three months and 9,391 were added in the last month. These applications come from just over 23,825 different publishers." Is there anybody out there who still places any value on these numbers, whether they be for Android, iOS, or WP7? Considering virtually all Android, iOS, and WP7 applications are useless, ugly, buggy crap (with only a few being somewhat tolerable - never actually good, because good software doesn't exist), I honestly don't really care. But hey, another check mark on the list of PR talking points.
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RE[3]: 100,000?
by Morgan on Tue 5th Jun 2012 19:13 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: 100,000?"
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I just wish there were some consistency. WP7 is an amazing phone platform, and the few apps that actually follow the Metro design rules really shine on the OS. The thousands that are either bad ports of iOS/Android apps, or otherwise seem cobbled together from a traditional desktop point of view, do nothing but detract from the usability built into the OS.

I'd say one of the best examples of a great WP7 app is Microsoft's own Office. I absolutely abhor MS Office on the desktop, but using the WP7 version is pure bliss. It's as if Microsoft decided they wanted all their workflow experts to concentrate on WP7, and chose that app as their flagship design example.

On the other side you have the thousands of games that are a UI nightmare. I understand that not every game can follow Metro UI concepts, but at least put some thought into what you're doing. The worst offender is a game that I actually do enjoy despite my frustration: Legend of Descent. It's a Rogue-like graphical dungeon exploration game, and the interface seems to be a case of "hey I have all these extra features for this version, let's just keep stacking the already obtuse menu with even more crap!" It's enough to drive me away from the game lately.

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