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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless If you're a Palm fan, you might want to look away - or not. Chris Ziegler has written a fantastic article on the short rise and eventual demise of webOS, and with it, Palm. I'm generally not a fan of companies, but I have my exceptions - and Palm is one of them. Correction - Palm was one of them.
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Fond memories of my Palm Pilots
by OMRebel on Wed 6th Jun 2012 15:11 UTC
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Back when my work required me to travel 80% of the time, I relied upon my Palm Pilots a great deal. I used to have Palm III, then the Palm m505. I had various accessories for them - the collapsible keyboard, modem, camera, and GPS unit. Eventually, I had managed to drop my m505 at just the perfect angle as to hit the corner of a metal toolbox and crack the screen. After that incident, I ended up grabbing a Compaq iPaq 5550 (due to the lure of built in Wifi and Bluetooth) off of an auction site. However, after using the iPaq for awhile, I realized just how much I missed the UI of the Palm and purchased another m505 off of a buddy who had upgraded to a later model (can't remember which one).

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