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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless If you're a Palm fan, you might want to look away - or not. Chris Ziegler has written a fantastic article on the short rise and eventual demise of webOS, and with it, Palm. I'm generally not a fan of companies, but I have my exceptions - and Palm is one of them. Correction - Palm was one of them.
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by steve_s on Wed 6th Jun 2012 15:36 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by kovacm"
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Sadly dylan also died with Newton, that could have been a nice programming language, as far as I can tell.

Dylan, whilst it had at one stage been intended for the Newton, didn't make it onto the device. It wasn't really ready, and besides which it used a bit too much memory for such a constrained device.

Dylan did escape Apple, and didn't really die with the Newton. Carnegie Mellon University developed Gwydion, and a software company called Harlequin made a commercial version for Windows. It was never a great success though. Harlequin became Functional Objects, and has since ceased to exist, but before they departed they open-sourced their Dylan compiler, which lives on as Open Dylan which now runs on multiple platforms.

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